Our services include:

  • Scheduled and routine maintenance of your Draught system.  ( More info on line cleaning here

  • Quarterly deep cleaning. (typically required every three months)

  • System check - ups and balancing.

  • Seasonal closure services

Maintaining your Draught System is THE MOST! important part of keeping your beer running smoothly.  Reduce spillage and loss while increasing customer satisfaction.  With beer being one of the leading beverages consumed worldwide make sure customers from all around the globe experience great beer the way the brewer intended! 

To schedule a cleaning or for more info on Draught System Maintenance please contact us!

Our services include:

  • System and line upgrades.

  • Equipment upgrade and replacement

  • Custom Towers and Design

  • Bar layout and more!

System and Equipment Upgrades:

Draught beer has come a long way since the old pull tab at the local pub.  If you're looking to install a new system, or upgrading your existing one, you should talk to us first!  With new line monitoring, gas supply and cost saving technologies available, let us introduce you to beer in the 21st century! 

We do Custom Towers and Bar Rails!

If you are looking for a unique look to your bar then you might want to think about your beer tower.  A focal point and fixture to every bar, utilize this marketing tool and make your establishment stand out from the crowd!




Bar Layout and Design:

Is your bar cramped and disorganized?  Do your servers constantly trip over each other?  Maybe your Bar Top is getting old and worn out?  We offer Design and Layout consultations to work with yourself and your staff to design and customize a layout that will work for YOUR bar!


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